MAY 17

Thanksgiving is the act of showing appreciation or gratefulness for something done for one in the past or in the present or in the future or for an experience gained over time. As powerful as thanksgiving is, it is not something so common among believers; we don’t really see it as the key that God has placed in the scriptures for making us come to a place of prosperity.

As I was studying, I tried examining Luke 9:12-17 and by the help of Holy Spirit, I was able to discover how Jesus was able to feed thousands of people with so little available. I saw the act of Jesus as a demonstration of His faith and Confidence in the ability of God the father. And I believe strongly that this is a principle we must adopt if we want to experience the kind of miracle that fed so many people with almost nothing. Now let us examine how Jesus was able to make this happen.

In Luke 9:12; we saw how the disciples of Jesus were so concerned about the location in which they were and they thought the best thing was to take their troubles outside the remote place. They feared that there was no provision for solving those troubles they had. They saw the place as a problem and the people as troubles. And this affected their decision on the best line of action. We must be careful of looking around us, our environment; because as long as we continue to see the reality of where we are as the problem then troubles will become more obvious and may ignite an act of fear in the place of the demonstration of faith.

Luke 9:13; Now, sensing their fear and confusion, Jesus said something unbelievable… He said ‘you give them something to eat’. It was their responsibility to attend to these matters and not try to put them elsewhere, He told them, there is no trying to push your troubles away from your problematic state, You Must Attend to it. Your troubles need something to eat, so what will you feed them?  You may ask. How will you solve your problems and bring an end to your burden? But later in v13, here we saw that they had something, it may seem not to be enough to satisfy their troubles but no matter how bad the problem is, there is always something to handle them with and in this case it was the five loaves and two fishes for five thousand men. It may not be enough but see the point Jesus was trying to make…

Luke 9:14-15; He said to them, make them sit down. Your troubles may seem like they are standing, like they are towering over you and seem like they will cover you like a wave in the sea but if you can make them settle down with some organisation in your thoughts, then they will be settled, it doesn’t mean they will go away but let the peace on your inside reign in the midst of those troubles and see what to do next…

Luke 9:16; now from here, I will drive my point home. Jesus took up the little they could find in their problem state and look what He did, He LOOKED UP to the HEAVEN! That was the first thing He did with the little they gave Him. When Jesus looked up, I’m sure He didn’t see the remote place anymore, I’m sure He didn’t see the questions in the face of disciples and I’m sure He didn’t bother about the five thousand men. All He could see was Philippians 4:6 and 19. With all that you are going through, with all the problems and troubles, where are you looking at? Around or Up above. The psalmist said, I will look up to the hills from where comes my help. If you look around, fear will grip you. The advantage of looking up is that you will see what you have with God in charge, the supplies thereof. And then see, He GAVE THANKS! Because He wasn’t focusing on those things, He found reasons and expressions in giving thanks for the little that was provided for such huge troubles. Then He BROKE THEM! Sometimes what we have may not seem enough, in fact had Jesus acted like His disciples, He would have reasoned with them and saw the remote place and their inability to find provision for these people. I mean He would have seen sense in their advice but He knew better, He had to show them faith in action and what better could He have done so, He looked to heaven for help, He gave thanks for the provision of the little and got the strength to break it and distributed it and bless our God and He provided, Luke 9: 17 they ate and were satisfied and there were left overs. Thanksgiving is enough to satisfy your troubles, Praise God!!! They ATE and were SATISFIED!

Here is my point, where you look determines whether you will thank God or you will complain, grumble or murmur about how little you are getting for all your efforts.  You can thank Him for  the job you currently have and it will open the door for a better one. You can be grateful for that food that is so little and watch God multiply it. Thanksgiving is not a fruit of the Spirit; it is a habit that is developed through thorough soul searching and deep thoughts. I know how difficult it can be giving thanks with your troubles staring you in the face but take your eyes off them and Look up to the heaven, then you will find strength to give thanks and watch God multiply what you think is so little This is our weapon of faith that shames the devil. Remember, Psalm 100:4, thanksgiving precedes praise and prayer. It is the access through the gates that leads to His presence. That gate is not so difficult to pass through, if you can just look up to the heaven, you will see it and thanksgiving will pass you through it and then you will be in His courts where all your troubles will be addressed and you can only but PRAISE. Look up today and find strength for your faith, thank God and watch Him multiply your five loaves and two fishes.


For further study:

Psalm 100

Personal declaration for the day:

In spite of all my challenges, I put my trust in God and i know he will all show up for me.

Questions for you to reflect on:

What dominates your attention? God or problems?