In the first piece of this write up I defined vision as the view of someone’s future inspired by God s and ambition as your personal view of the future. It is what you plan to become. God is the source of vision but you are the source of ambition.

The time of the fulfilment of your ambition is determined and measured by you, but the time of the fulfilment of your vision and purpose is determined by God because your vision is all about God and not you. Whereas, your ambition is about you and you alone. The best you can have after fulfilling your ambition is self satisfaction, but fulfilling your vision brings fulfilment to you and the people you are called to. It is only vision that fulfils in all areas and not ambition.

It is possible to fulfil your ambition and still not feel fulfilled. Your vision is constant and irrevocable. Although, the specifics or plans may vary, but the vision remains constant. Whereas, your ambition may change as events unfold within the space of your life-time called your season – Romans 11:29.

David had an ambition to build the temple which did not line up with the purpose of God, but one of his assignments was to prepare for the building of the temple with all of his might – 1 Chronicles 29:2, and enthrone Solomon to reign as king after him whose purpose was to build the temple. Absalom pursued ambitiously the same throne at the detriment of others and against the plan of God – 1Samuel15:4. The question then will be, how do I marry my vision with my ambition such that my ambition will not be contrary to the plan of God? You will need to find your vision first because this supersedes your ambition: it is what your are created for and will remain with you even after you would have achieved your ambition. Why waste time to run a race only to discover you were not meant to be in it? Why waste time to climb to the top of a ladder only to discover it was leaning on a wrong wall? Settle down and let God inspire you to discover your vision then, wrap your ambitions around this and see how fulfilled you’ll be.


For further Study

Romans 11:29, 1 Chronicles 29:2, 1 Samuel 15:4.

Personal declaration for the day

I run with God’s vision for my life.

Questions for you to reflect on

What is the difference between vision and ambition?

Which one are you pursuing?