The pattern and cycle of debt is a systematic tendency and or act which form a consistent, repeated and predictable behavior and occurrence of debt. The subject of debt could sometimes spring up ideas of guilt or embarrassment but it is important we open up our heart to God rather than entertain shame. One of the strategies of the devil is to cause a believer shame; this is a hindrance to our deliverance from every shackle that has held us bound.

Key points to know about debt

Debt is a pattern

Debt is like a parasite that hinges unto its host and feeds on them to cause an epidemic which has been ravaging our society and the world at large. We need to understand that as long as this parasite is not dealt with, the symptoms will persist. This is the reason some have the mind it is impossible to live a debt free life. Many complain about the economic situation, insufficient funds to meet human wants and believe the only way to a better life is to rely on credit.

Debt is a Cycle

Debt is like a web which entraps. Once one is entrenched, it becomes really difficult to escape. Living in debt is like one roaming in a vicious cycle, which is a chain of events that is repeated over and over again. It is quite shocking however that many are ignorant they are in precarious situation that is out of their control. The bible declares in Proverbs 22:7 ‘……the borrower is slave to the lender‘. The situation sometimes goes as far as people paying off as debt almost all what they earn and borrow yet again to meet basic needs for the next month as the cycle continues over again. We need divine revelation and knowledge to break free and embrace total victory.

For Further Study:

Proverbs 22:26,

Questions for Reflection:

Do you enjoy peace when you finance your life by constantly being in debt?

Personal Declaration

I will live a debt free life!