The Works of the Holy Spirit Part 2

John 15:26-27

“But when the Helper comes, whom I shall send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, He will testify of Me. And you also will bear witness, because you have been with Me from the beginning.

The word helper or in some translations comforter is translated from a Greek word PARAKLETOS meaning someone that is called alongside with you to help you, be your advocate and counsel you. So every child of God has the privilege to enjoy divine help on this earth at all times regardless of the circumstance. You should also be aware that we have Jesus at the right side of God in heaven making intercession for us. This implies that we have dual help on earth and in heaven.

So right now at this very moment Jesus is helping you sort out your issues in heaven and the Holy Spirit is right beside you ready to lead you in victory on all fronts on this earth. Please note that both Jesus and the Holy Spirit are to help and support us but we have to be at the forefront of taking charge of things that concerns us. As far as the move of God in our life is concerned, God does not work in isolation. He needs our cooperation and participation.

So, it is not enough to be aware that we have access to divine assistance we must also be aware that we have responsibility to participate and cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He testifies of Jesus with proofs to us. He expects us to carry this proof to the next stage by manifesting it to the world around us.

There is nothing about God that is hidden from us, they are only hidden for us and the Holy Spirit has been sent to guide us into these mysteries. He is sent to take us step by step into the revelation of God’s Word. God never wants us to be in the dark about anything so through the Holy Spirit He shows us things concerning our future. This includes the future of your business, career, marriage, the life of your children and all that concerns you. So you can place a demand on the Holy Spirit during fellowship with Him instead of running around looking for a prophet to look into your life.

When you are under pressure and it seems all hell has been let loose against you, the Holy Spirit starts to shed God’s love into your heart. He will cause you to see the magnitude of God’s love for you and strengthen your faith so you can withstand the pressure. When people offend you, when hatred and unforgiveness start raising their heads in your heart, the Holy Spirit begins to shed God’s love into your heart and soften your heart to forgive and be merciful. And as you begin to respond to His nudges things begin to take a new turn for you and you will see more supernatural interventions in your life.

Finally, I want you to know that everybody is led by someone or something, but we are to be divinely led by the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t force or molest us, He leads us gently and graciously from one level of glory to another. Friends, these are the days of the Holy Spirit. So, start to invest more time in your relationship with him.

For Further Study

Romans 5:5, Psalm 16:7,

Personal declaration for the day

I will value and invest in my relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Questions for you to reflect on

How often do you take advantage of your treasure in the presence of the Holy Spirit ?

What is the outcome?