The Power of a father’s love


1 John 4:8 – God is Love
In the above Scripture, the apostle, John, writes “God is love” and “God showed His love among us …by sending. ..His son into the world that we might live through him.” Millions have received and enjoyed God’s amazing love and their lives have changed from emptiness to experiencing fulness and purpose.
The Bible is a real love story Book, a story of a Father’s love and a Son’s obedience and how they had such a close relationship. It’s no coincidence that ‘God’ and ‘love’ are among the most used words in the Bible and that they have the same meaning, which is power to attract and to change lives. Which parent in expressing fatherly love would not do everything in his power to provide the best environment and assistance for his child to grow up to be a mature adult?
We can learn much about God’s love by spending time in His presence in prayer and reading His Word, the Bible. That’s a sure way to mature and learn to grow in the consciousness of God’s love for us.

A man recently recalled his happy childhood in a very loving home. His parents gave all the time and resources they could afford in a sacrificial way to give him and his brother the best upbringing they could. Later in life, he read his father’s love letters to his mother and realised that because their first baby son had died at four weeks old, they were filled with an overwhelming grief that transferred into an exceptional commitment of protective love for their next two sons. Nothing would be too good for them. He realised then that he had been truly loved.

Unfortunately, when he was still a teenager, both his parents fell seriously ill and became dependent on him and his brother for their care. Suddenly, his parents’ love disappeared. Confusion and other unpleasant emotions flooded in and years of searching for love from others followed. Many were not satisfying.
Finally, with two sons of his own, he heard of and responded to the tug of God’s love and was amazed by the forgiveness he experienced when he asked God, his Father, for it. He said he truly felt the love of a father which he had missed for so many years.

So, what is God’s love for His children like and what is it not like? We may be able to describe what it is not like as follows. He will not confine or restrict us or seek to control our will as we grow. He will not take away our freedom to make choices, so we can’t blame Him for a lot of things that happen that we may regret. He will not bully or frighten us or use or abuse us so we can trust Him fully.
His love is in His promises of sound mind, self control and peace from above. He is for us and not against us – Romans 8.31. He says He will provide all we need including both strength and rest on a daily basis. Nothing will be too heavy to bear and He will provide a way out from difficulties. He is our Encourager. He is our Comforter.
Perhaps, the greatest thing about His love is the assurance of living in victory on earth and enjoying eternity with Him. Who wouldn’t want to fall into those loving arms! He is the perfect Father – Matthew 5:48.


For further study:
2Thessalonians 2:16, 2Corinthians 1:3

Personal declaration for the day:
God is my Father and He loves me unconditionally. I will never lose sight of His love for me.

Questions for you to reflect on:
How do you know God loves you?
How do you learn more about God’s love?