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Testimonials and Comments

Testimonials and Comments

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11 thoughts on “Testimonials and Comments

  1. Susan Kirwan says:

    Delighted to have attended your Church for the past few weeks. I find it so welcoming, relevant to my life, inclusive and sincere. I am so impressed by Pastor Solomon and how he makes a point of remembering people’s names and has such a genuine interest in his flock – best of all I love his preaching and never leave without feeling spiritually fed for the week ahead …. he puts the ‘sun’ in my Sunday!

  2. Susan Kirwan says:

    My thanks again to you both Pastors Solomon and Patricia for this morning’s service. It was a powerful expression of faith. I sensed your deep desire Solomon to bring us, the congregation, with you on your faith journey – so we, like you, can ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’. I do recall, and repeat key phrases that you use during my week’s work and do find they bring a new and rich dimension to my life – this week’s being ‘the presence of God’. Thank you for the invitation to acknowledge the presence of God, and from there to activate it in my daily life and embrace the fullness of it’s power. God bless you both.

  3. susan kirwan says:

    Thank you Pastor Solomon and Patricia once again for last Sunday’s worship. The guest Preacher was truly amazing and I was honored to receive a blessing from him before I left. Once again I found the service enriching, relevant and nourishing for my soul. Following last Sunday’s sermon I know my aim is now to get spiritually fit – I do often find there is such a drive to reach physical fitness by many but nobody addresses the importance of spiritual fitness …well, not until last Sunday!
    I pray God may bless you both, your great work and your church.
    Until next Sunday, yours prayerfully,

  4. Susan Kirwan says:

    Thank you Pastor Solomon and Patricia for last Sunday’s service – once more it was lovely to worship with you both. I was delighted to hear you announce Joy as our theme for the month of November. November has always been synonymous with darkness and death and as a result many people dislike this month but thanks to you I came away with a newfound attitude to the next 30 days. It was enlightening to learn the difference between happiness and real joy which is divine.
    I wish you both a share in that same joy in the week ahead.
    Yours joyfully, Susan.

  5. Susan Kirwan says:

    Thank you both Pastor Solomon and Patricia for this morning’s welcome. I got a great deal from today’s service starting with a beautiful blessing on all the women present – followed by your sermon Solomon continuing on the theme of Joy which was very powerful and most relevant in today’s world where Joy is often hijacked by negative forces at work. I will remain mindful of the ‘joy assassins’ in my life during the week ahead and be on my guard.
    I wish you both and your good work countless blessings until next we meet.
    In faith, Susan.

  6. Susan Kirwan says:

    I just wish to register my thanks to you both Pastors Solomon and Patricia for such a prayerful ceremony on New Year’s Eve. Thanks to you both I made my peace with 2014 and felt blessed and equipped with the gifts of faith, hope and love as I stood on the threshold of 2015. Under your safe leadership I am ready to embrace all that awaits me in year ahead.
    May you both enjoy countless blessings during this new year and also our church.
    In faith and gratitude, Susan.

  7. Susan Kirwan says:

    Thank you Pastor Solomon for giving me a blessing today at church. I was unable to attend church for the past two weeks and have to say I found those weeks to be empty and incomplete – it was a joy to return today and once again to drink from the well of kindness, holiness and spiritual sustenance. And thanks to you, Pastor Patricia for such a powerful sermon on taking God on board when we go into battle and the importance of praise and worship. It was a real joy to sit again in church with you both where I feel so welcome, safe and enlightened. May the month of March be one of rich blessings on you both, your great work and indeed our church.
    With a grateful and a joyful heart,

  8. Susan Kirwan says:

    I wish to register my appreciation for the beautiful service on Sunday in Arklow’s Christian Community Church – Pastor Solomon’s sermon was very powerful on the subject of fear and how it holds us back for attaining full life. He showed us ways to combat our fears and become a fearless people. Modern life can be a fearful experience for many and it is important to know how to navigate one’s way through the many fears which present themselves and threaten to ensnare us. Thank you Solomon for giving me the necessary map to a fear-free future and for your solemn blessing. May God continue to single you out for rich and lasting blessings.
    With gratitude and confidence,

  9. Jumoke says:

    Just want to say thank you for sharing on Supernatural success and reminding us that the key lies in tapping into the wisdom of our God daily- Awesome! And what more, it’s at our disposal already.
    Thank you.

  10. Jumoke says:

    I just read the devotional on the revelation of God’s love for me part 1&2 and it blessed me and I forwarded it to a friend to share and bless her too. I pray that I may always live, move and have my ‘Being’ in the revelation of God’s love for me and I pray this for others too. Thank you Pastor and Trish for sharing the word with us. God bless you and your family and ministry.

  11. Ronald says:

    I am so very grateful for your listing of just some of the great gifts that our Heavenly Father, Almighty God, Eternal King, Creator, etc. has so freely and graciously given to all of His children who have believed in the finished work of Jesus Christ our eternal Lord and Savior. As I have become an old man now I have begun to understand just a little more just how graciously and lovingly my Father in Heaven has been towards me, a sinner saved by Gods grace and the precious blood spelt in humility and cruelty to save me from my sins. Oh how wonderful the mighty gifts that come from the lover of my soul and the peace and comforter of my many trials I have faced and will go through till at last I to will reach that glorious shore of the land we call Heaven and home. I don’t understand why I have had to become an old man to really appreciate and be thankful for ALL that my Father has so ordained for me to enjoy during my lifetime here on this Earth but I am very thankful that at least I am now able to thank my God for His giving to me all that I have ever needed to travel my path here during my life time and until at last my journey is finished!!!! Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my words and may I encourage you to seek Gods favor for He truly does love each and everyone one of us!!

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