Social Capital is the capital gained from relationships as a result of the resources and investments you made in those relationships.
What you don’t put into life, you cannot get out of it.

Social Capital has its values.
In the plan of creation, God made man the top of His creation.
He did not go in the cool of the day to fellowship with animals or plants, His fellowship was with Man.
Even God was investing in His relationship with Man.

When Jesus was leaving the world, he passed his anointing on to human beings that had accrued a large amount of social capital with him; the disciples.

John 14:16 – ” And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever.”

Why did Jesus say that in the bible verse above? Because he is interested in social harvest.
The greatest challenge we face in the world today is the massive loss of social capital. There is no more depth in relationships.
There are now more divorces than ever before.
People are more willing to do anything to get ahead.
They do not relate with each other as human beings, but as enemies to conquer.

Sin thrives when social capital depletes. Depletion of social capital always affects the community, society, and even the church.

In 1st Samuel 22:1-2, David became a commander of four hundred, comprising of men in debt, in distress and embittered in their souls.
Further in 2nd Samuel 23:14-17, we can see how these men showed their loyalty to David by putting their lives at risk, just so David could get water to drink.
As a result of David’s relationship and investment in this men, they took risks and put their lives at jeopardy for him.
The greatest capital you can have in your life is social capital.

Romans 16.
Paul spent an entire chapter mentioning names and acknowledging people who have invested in him and the Church.
Why? Because he understood social harvest, social capital and the value of relationships.

Luke 8:1-3.
The above scripture talks about how women whom Jesus had healed at one time or the other, supported his ministry with their means.
The greatest opportunity to touch our community, to transform lives and increase our influence is by investing in people and valuing relationships.
No matter how much you manipulate people to do things for you, it might work for a while, but not for long.

Destroyers of Social Harvest.
-Lack of integrity.
-Violating the structure of your relationship with people.
-Disregarding what others value.

Friends, you need to evaluate your relationships.
What brought you together?
What is holding the relationship tight?
What are the things that can make it depict?
What can make it better?

Questions for you to reflect on.
1) How is your social capital
2) What are the practical steps you are taking to improve your social capital?
3) What are the physical steps you are taking?
4) Do you have up to 10 people in your network you can call for help right now?
5) Will they show up?

Your social harvest will not elude you in Jesus name.

Remember, you are not a biological accident, but a creature of destiny.
– Pastor Solomon Aroboto.