Revealing Christ, the Anointed One and His Anointing




3 John 1:2-Belovd, I wish above all thing that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

We have been saved and delivered from all the works of the devil, we have been set free into the liberty of the sons of God, Our Salvation is eternal, meaning endless and covers everything that needs to be covered. Our salvation is a perfect job, nothing missing, nothing broken. We cannot be saved from sin and still remain in sickness, we couldn’t have been delivered from the power of darkness and still remain in bondage of poverty, No! It is total and complete.

There is a direct relationship between the salvation of your soul, being saved and born again and your salvation from sickness and poverty. All other salvation emanates from the salvation of your soul and that is why it is eternal and endless. Christ paid for everything, His blood was so precious and priceless that it covers everything and you do not need to pay anything, neither do you need to be under the bondage of any law. The bibles say Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming the curse so that we can obtain the blessing. Galatians 3:13. It is important you have a full understanding of this matter and not allow yourself to be short changed by the devil through ignorance. It is time to wake up and take full advantage of what we have received. You were not saved just to go to heaven, No! If that was the case, you should have just died and gone to heaven the day you gave your life to Christ. You are saved to reign, rule and conquer in this word. You are saved to exert your dominion on earth, you are saved to undo everything the devil has done, you are saved to reveal Christ to your world, and you are saved to save others from what he saved you from.

The world does not have much problems accepting that Jesus died and rose from the dead over 2000 years ago but the part they find difficult to comprehend is the fact that He is still alive till today working miracles and healing people. Christ may not physically appear to such people like he did to the disciples, but He dwells in us and the world can see and experience His manifestation when they come in contact with us because we are the carriers of His person… However, we need to be more conscious of this and let our light so shine that men may see.


For further Study

Romans 3:23, Galatians 3:13, John 3:16-17

Personal declaration for the day

I have accepted Jesus Christ, therefore I am saved and I have the assurance of salvation.

Questions for you to reflect on

Are you saved?

How did you get saved?

When did you get saved?

One thought on “SAVED TO SAVE – Part 1

  1. Amb,Morris V.Cooper says:

    Pst,I have been a muslim since young age to 1999,when God arrested me and now am a christain. Marry whit Kids, I had so many charllenges and today God has set me up for my Muslim people to see… Am bless and thank God he has also giving me life to be concatenetd with such people like you over there… There is more to say becux I don,t want to be left out in this world. I need to served God with my family… If hopfully you can establish a church here in my country call Liberia. But is better you come and see first and believed what God is doing here. May God bless you and the family with the church. Aman.

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