Resisting Destructive Mindset – Part 1

September 26

Proverbs 18:10 – The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.

The Hebrew translation for stronghold is “misgab” which means a secure height, refuge, height, a cliff, altitude or an inaccessible place.

Where it all starts.

The mind of a man is the central processing unit of his being.  Strongholds come into our lives first as a thought. Dwelling on these thoughts either positive or negative now becomes what we believe. This  eventually makes us who we are. (Prov 23:7)


All strongholds have legal or spiritual backing which makes it a very major issue to deal with. It is deeply rooted and must be consciously and effectively dealt with.

To prove yourself innocent of an offence in court, you have to present all your facts/evidence and strong points so it is, with strongholds.

When you have identified some certain issues that have refused to let go in your life, then desperate measures must be engaged.

The WORD of God is our strong backing to pull down all strongholds in our lives. Kindly note that such situations remain a way of life until you realize that particular issue, is a stronghold and until it’s dealt with you will not experience freedom.

Strongholds can be positive in some cases. When a man of integrity gives his word, it becomes binding because he just cannot take back his words. Even at his own detriment, he does as he says. Such is seen as dependable. This is one of the attributes of our Lord Jesus Christ.


For further study:
Proverbs 23:7

Personal declaration for the day:
I will think and entertain thoughts of the reality i want.

Questions for you to reflect on
How often to you clean up your mind and with what ?