Welcome to your year of HARVESTING!


This is the year that God has made for your exceedingly abundant enlargement,expansion and increase in all spheres of your life, spiritual, physical, material, soul, relationships and all spheres of influence. It is your year of outrageous harvesting good things on all fronts. There shall be no holding back. You will lead more people to Christ this year like no other year to date in Jesus mighty name. Because of me people will return to and serve God.

2017 is your year of open doors and total victory over all opposition and foes. You shall have victory over spiritual opposition, self oppositions, systemic opposition, physical oppositions, material/financial opposition, emotional opposition, organisational and all forms of oppositions in Jesus mighty name.

In 2017 you will be limitless through Christ. You will walk and partner with God in an unprecedented manner. It is your year of divine encounters and fabulous outpourings of the Holy Spirit over you. You will flourish and have the days of on heaven on earth. You shall have inner strength through divine revelation and guidance. Jesus Christ will be more real to you than ever before. It is your year of experiencing God and his goodness in undeniable ways and manners in Jesus mighty name.