Daily Walk with Christ

In the daily activities of life, we must not forget how big God is and how relevant He is in our lives. We must always remember how much He loves and cares for us. We must remember to ask Him for strength and to replenish our supply.
From years of daily walk and fellowship with God Solomon and Patricia have put together some of things they have learnt during their time of daily devotion. This book is designed to help you know the wisdom, the grace and the power of God.
You'll learn how to rest in God and enjoy the father's love.
The topics cover a broad spectrum, ranging from developing a loving(father- child) relationship with God, having positive relationship with others, making most of opportunities, and examining our own hearts to living a life of success and happiness.
This is your book, so use it in the way that helps you most in your personal walk with God. We pray that it helps you better understand and apply God's word.

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