Tuesday- 1st November 2011
Reading- John 1:12
Topic – Believing and receiving Christ
Comment- Gave you divine empowerment

Wednesday- 2nd November 2011
Reading – Hosea 4:6
Topic- Ignorance
Comment- Major robber of blessing

Thursday- 3rd November 2011
Reading – Mark 16:17-20
Topic- In Christ
Comment- You have power

Friday- 4th November 2011
Reading – Acts 3:1-9
Topic – You can make things happen
Comment- You have the power to change things

Saturday- 5th November 2011
Reading – Romans 10:8
Topic- Where to put the word
Comment- In your heart and mouth

Sunday- 6th November 2011
Reading- Philippians 2:9-11
Topic – The name of Jesus
Comment- You have authority to use the name of Jesus

Monday – 7th November 2011
Reading – Matthew 8:5-13
Topic- Understanding Authority
Comment- Helps you walk in power

Tuesday- 8th November 2011
Reading- Philippians 4:13
Topic – The Source of our Authority
Comment- Jesus Christ

Wednesday- 9th November 2011
Reading – Luke 9:49-50
Topic- The use of the name of Jesus
Comment- You have an unrestricted access to the name

Thursday- 10th November 2011
Reading – John 14:6
Topic- Jesus Christ
Comment- The only access to God

Friday- 11th November 2011
Reading – Acts 4:12
Topic – Total salvation package
Comment- In the name of Jesus

Saturday- 12th November 2011
Reading – 1 Corinthians 2:16
Topic- You can change your mindset
Comment- You have the mind of Christ for your taking

Sunday- 13th November 2011
Reading- Mark 4:35-41
Topic – Jesus have authority over the weather and nature
Comment- He gave you the same authority

Monday – 14th November 2011
Reading – Luke 10:19
Topic- Jesus’ Power
Comment- He gave it to you