Monday- 16th May 2011
Reading- Romans 10:8-11
Topic- Confession of faith
Comment- Access to divine blessings

Tuesday- 17th May 2011
Reading- James 4:6
Topic – Pride
Comment- Enemy of God’s free gift

Wednesday- 18th May 2011
Reading – Galatians 5:6
Topic- Love
Comment- It makes faith work

Thursday 19th May 2011
Reading – Hebrews 11:6
Topic- Faith
Comment- Key to pleasing God

Friday 20th May 2011
Reading – 1 Corinthians 13:13
Topic- Faith, hope and Love
Comment- Love is the greatest

Saturday- 21st May 2011
Reading – James 3:16
Topic- Strife
Comment- Door to every evil work

Sunday- 22nd May 2011
Reading- Matthew 6:14-15
Topic- Forgiving others
Comment- It releases you and your blessings

Monday- 23rd May 2011
Reading- 1 Corinthians 2:12
Topic- Discovering what belongs to you
Comment- By the help of the Holy Spirit

Tuesday- 24th May 2011
Reading- 2 Timothy 1:7
Topic – Fear
Comment- Reject it, it is not a gift from God

Wednesday- 26th May 2011
Reading – Luke 10:19
Topic- Divine Authority
Comment- it is yours for the taking

Thursday 27th May 2011
Reading – Romans 5:17
Topic- Righteousness
Comment- It is a gift not an achievement by performance

Friday 28th May 2011
Reading – Jeremiah 31:3
Topic- God’s gift of love
Comment- God’s love for you is everlasting

Saturday- 29th May 2011
Reading – Luke 11:13
Topic- The Holy Spirit
Comment- He is God’s gift for victorious life

Sunday- 30th May 2011
Reading- 1 John 4:8
Topic- God is love
Comment- God loves you

Sunday- 31st May 2011
Reading- Romans 12:1-2
Topic- internal change come first
Comment- External change follows