Psalm 66:18 – If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me:
We have been hurt many times or rather I have been hurt countless times, especially by those whom I have expected so much from. Often times I have found myself saying that “I will never forgive this person” . Thank God for the spirit of truth, I have realised that anytime the devil wants to stop me from accessing God’s grace, he fuels the hurt and reminds me of how cheated I must feel and how insensitive and wicked the other party is.

My point. Jesus says in Mathew 6:12 in our lords prayer that we have the responsibility to forgive so that God would see us deserving same. Unforgiveness is a sin. Psalm 66;18.

In the parable of the wicked servant who owed his master so much and was pardoned, but however would not over look a debt another brother owed him clearly explains the situation of the fallen nature of man who takes for granted the extravagant grace of God, man would rather hold on to vengeful emotions. Why?

I would not allow an unforgiving heart to block my true source of Joy, which is God. People, family and loved ones might hurt me, gossip about or despise me but I choose to forgive. Afterall,  it’s nothing compared to what I have done to others, in addition, my salvation was very costly,  Christ paid for all my debts, all of it. We would live longer and happier if we forgive and erase the memory just as God’s blots out our offenses and remembers them no more.

For further Study

Psalm 66:18

Personal declaration for the day

  • I receive the grace to walk in the truth
  • I break the yoke of offences

Questions for you to reflect on

Have you chosen to forgive  yet?