How To Live Without Shame of Your Past – Part 1

April 17

Romans 10:11

For the scriptures say that anyone who believes in Him will not be put to shame.

Robert Cauldwell, an American physiotherapist, describes shame like this;

“Shame is the inner experience of not being wanted, a feeling of worthlessness, rejection and being cast out. It is an intense guilt feeling in belief that you did something wrong. It is a belief that you are not loved simply because you are unlovable. Shame is the worst possible thing. It is very painful and destructive. The human mind either consciously or unconsciously comes up with 1000s of coping mechanisms to deal with it. Thus, it’s always bringing to the surface and back to our minds that very thing that evokes feelings of shame. Its profound meaning conveys that one is not fit to live in his/her own Community.”

The burden of shame immobilizes us. It’s a yoke much too heavy to drag. I’m not good enough, God knows all the wrongs I did, I’m not beautiful, rich, smart enough. How can someone like me stand before the presence of God and receive? God sees my every deed and I am ashamed. These thoughts seem familiar? That’s because the devil’s biggest whipping stick on women of wonder is to fill them with a sense of shame. Joseph Prince said that the opposite of shame is glory and honour. God sees you as glorious and honourable because He sees you for what He truly made you through the blood of Jesus.

Friend, I say to you today that as children of God filled with His wonders, we have access to Jesus Christ, the burden Remover and yoke Destroyer, who despised shame, and took it away so we don’t ever have to carry it.

Hebrews 12:2Looking to the Founder and Perfector of our faith, who for the Joy that was set before Him endured the cross and despising the shame.

Dr, Cauldwell said that shame’s profound meaning conveys, that one is not fit to live in his/her own Community.

In Genesis 2:25, the Bible says that they were both naked and not ashamed.

In Genesis 3:10, Adam and his wife hid from God and instead of enjoying their usual close fellowship with God, they then felt naked and ashamed like they didn’t belong in the very community that God had created for them.

The devil wants you to embrace shame because shame prevents intimacy with God; it stops us from boldly going to the glory seat of God. It prevents from believing God wants to use you for signs and wonders but God so very much loves you, that’s why Jesus despised and took that shame on Good Friday on our behalf. Shame is a very private feeling that leaves you publicly exposed.

Shame is dangerous, it should not be used as a tool to discipline our children or berate our loved ones and family into doing what we believe is right or as a motivational tool. Shaming people is never good especially if it’s used to manipulate them.


For further Study

Genesis 2:25, Genesis 3:10, Romans 1:17

Personal declaration for the day

Jesus is not ashamed of me therefore I will not tolerate shame.

Questions for you to reflect on

What are you ashamed that Jesus has not dealt with?

Do you know that the shame you currently suffer is the shame you have not given to Christ?