How Christians Should Deal with the Hurt – Part 1


What is Hurt? The dictionary definitions include,

A blow that inflicts a wound; bodily injury or the cause of such injury.
Injury, damage, or harm.
The cause of mental pain or offense, as an insult.

physically injured
Offended; unfavourably affected: hurt pride.
suggesting that one has been offended or is suffering in mind

Hurt – we have all felt it or are feeling it, and there are many different types of it. You can be hurt in many ways and for many different reasons: spiritually hurt, emotionally hurt, mentally hurt from abuse or being treated badly. Hurt brings pain.

We are all products of our environment and hurting people hurt. People have grown up in environments where they have been thought to be wary of people from a certain area because a man from the area behaved badly to their grandfather by cheating him in a business deal. As a result, the family is told that all the people from the area are all shady in business.

Some hurt and embittered men beat their kids and wife. In some cases, the kids grow up and beat their spouses. If the woman didn’t address her hurt, the daughter grows up to accept a man beating her and the hurt becomes a generational hurt.

Please, note that it is not just people that can hurt us, circumstances too can. For example, people could be hurt because they didn’t get the required grade to do the college course of their choice. People are hurt because they are lonely, they could be hurt because of relocation or because they haven’t met the right man or woman yet.

It is ok to hurt but we cannot function correctly if we are hurting. If your car has a problem, it wouldn’t perform very well. If a horse or an athlete has an injury, he won’t run as fast as necessary. When we are hurting, it is an injury to our spirit and we are never more aware of the fact that we are more than just a body as we are when we have been emotionally hurt. While there are no physical injuries, the pain is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. All too often for some of us, that is the only time when we realise that our spirit is truly alive. When we are hurting, we cannot walk with God and remember it is a walk and not a drive, so, there is a lot we have to do. We must walk with the Lord because it is only when we walk with God that we find the healing to that hurt. I will continue tomorrow.


For further study:
Psalm 121

Personal declaration for the day:
Heal me oh Lord and I would be healed.

Questions for you to reflect on:
What do you do when you are hurting?
Do you think you could stop hurting?