God’s Manner of Love on display in the Bible


Isaiah 49:15 – The LORD answers, “Can a mother forget the baby who is nursing at her breast? Can she stop showing her tender love to the child who was born to her? She might forget her child. But I will not forget you.

God’s love for humanity is unconditional, everlasting, unrelenting and always full. Today we explore some of the demonstration of God’s love in the bible.

God’s love found Rahab the prostitute in Joshua 6:23, whose sins were as red as the scarlet she hung on the widow of her house in Jericho but love found her, washed her as white as snow and qualified her as a saint and put her name in the hall of faith in Hebrews 11. The same love is still at working turning sinners into saints. The same love is available for you to turn your story and change your name.

The same Love found the woman convicted of adultery and at the point where her accusers were about to stone her to death in John 8:4-11. Love forgave her, discharged and set her free. The same love is still available and with enough power to forgive your sins and set you free from every of your addictions. Be it addiction to drugs, fornication, adultery, masturbation or whatever your addiction is, He is able to take it from you, if you can only let him have it.

The same love found the woman with the issue of blood in Luke 4:38, who has suffered many things from many physicians for 12 years, she came in contact with this love and all her issues dried up. All she needed was a touch of love and she was made whole. The same Love has enough Power to dry up any issue in your life that has plagued you for years if you will only come after him and just seek for a touch of love. Forget all the people around you that will try to make mockery of your desperation. Focus on Jesus and be desperate for a touch. Desperate people do desperate things. I tell you at the end of the day, they will all laugh with you in Jesus name.

The same love found the woman bent over for 18 years in Luke 8:11. Love straighten her life completely, the same love can straighten your life if you will allow him, no matter how crooked it might have been, no matter how rugged, no matter how bent, He is the way maker, his love has more capacity to straighten your life more than any road construction company in the world but listen, you have to contract him to do that and it is free.

The same love found the man at the pool of Bethesda waiting for one to carry him into the water after the stirring by the Angel, love found him and let him realized he needed no man but Love, the same love is telling you today that you need no man, help of man is vain, He is the very present help in the time of need, he is ready to help you and lift you up from your state of incarceration if only you will allow him. Men will promise and they will fail because that is their nature but Love never fails

The same love found blind Bathemeus, touched him and he received his site, oh the same love is still here today to open your eyes to see possibilities. You might have been blinded from your sins or obscured by your challenges but love has the power to open your eyes of understanding and make you to see yourself in a new light

The same love found the man lame from her mother’s womb begging alms at the beautiful gate, Acts 3, love lifted him from the dunghill and set him to sit among princes, the same love is able to lift you from your beggarly state, set you up and make your name great, they may think your case is closed because it is not traceable but love is more than able to deal with the root of your situation and give you a new name and make you great.


For further study
John 8:4

Personal declaration for the day:
Nothing shall separate me from His love

Questions for you to reflect on:
Can you give describe the kind of Love God has for you?