Monday – 6th February 2012
Reading – Isaiah 1:19
Topic- Willingness and obedience
Comment- One is not complete without the other

Tuesday- 7th February 2012
Reading – Ephesians 1:19-21
Topic- The revelation of the greatness of God
Comment- Gives you basis for greatness

Wednesday- 8th February 2012
Reading – Genesis 12:4a
Topic- Attitude and timing of obedience
Comment- Quick activator of greatness.

Thursday – 9th February 2012
Reading – Genesis 26:12-14
Topic- Difficult obedience
Comment- Saves you from famine

Friday- 10th February 2012
Reading- 2 Corinthians 3:18
Topic – Getting focused on God
Comment- key to a transformed life

Saturday- 11th February 2012
Reading- Isaiah 12:3
Topic- God’s plan for you
Comment- it runs on the engine of your obedience

Monday – 13th February 2012
Reading – Luke 16:19-21
Topic- Your desire
Comment- You become what you desire; desire greatness.

Tuesday- 14th February 2012
Reading – Psalm 16:8
Topic- Ignorance and doubt
Comment- Refuse to be shaken despite obvious challenges

Wednesday- 15th February 2012
Reading – Genesis 21:9-12
Topic- Past Mistakes
Comment- You have been forgiven; move ahead.

Thursday – 16th February 2012
Reading – 2 Timothy 1:7
Topic- Fear
Comment- A major antagonist to faith

Friday- 17th February 2012
Reading- Genesis 12:10-14
Topic – Perceived Opposition
Comment- God always creates a way of escape

Saturday- 18th February 2012
Reading- Genesis 16: 4-5
Topic- Distractions
Comment- Get rid of them, you are great

Sunday- 18th February 2012
Reading- Psalm 66:3
Topic – The greatness of God
Comment- it subdues the enemy

Monday – 19th February 2012
Reading – Joshua 1:9
Topic- Eradication of fear
Comment- The power to receive the promise

Tuesday- 20th February 2012
Reading – Zechariah 1:17
Topic- Anti- greatness forces
Comment- Use your Authority in Christ

Wednesday- 21st February 2012
Reading – Genesis 26:12-21
Topic- The challenges of blessings
Comment- Envy, strife, opposition and the pain of being ostracised

Thursday – 22nd February 2012
Reading – 1 John 4:18
Topic- The cure to fear
Comment- Revelation of God’s love

Friday- 23rd February 2012
Reading- James 3:16
Topic – Strife
Comment- it’s a killer, avoid it at all cost

Saturday- 24th February 2012
Reading- Romans 4:20
Topic- Focus on God’s promise
Comment- Guarantees entrance into greatness

Sunday- 25th February 2012
Reading- Genesis 26:9
Topic – The lure to compromise
Comment- Don’t succumb to it

Monday- 26th February 2012
Reading – 1 Samuel 9:6
Topic- Have you located your man of God?
Comment- Develop an attitude of honour toward him

Tuesday – 27th February 2012
Reading – Acts 28:8-10
Topic- Ministering to the needy
Comment- There is reward

Wednesday 28th February 2012
Reading- 2 Kings 3:11
Topic – Serving a man of God
Comment- Gains you recognition

Thursday 29th February 2012
Reading- Matthew 10:40-42
Topic- Who to honour
Comment- God, Authorities over you, your peers, yourself and those entrusted to you