What are those things that trigger these emotion?
Circumstances, mood, relationship with others.
Also, people’s emotions are sometimes as a result of hormonal changes and chemical imbalances.

3rd John 2 describes God’s desire for your emotion.
He wants your soul to prosper.

The prosperity of the soul is different from the prosperity of the spirit and the body.
For your spirit to prosper, you need faith, truth and intimacy with God.
For your body to prosper, you need good food, good sleep, exercise and fun.
For your soul to prosper, you need connection with people, positive confession and adventure.

God wants your soul to thrive.
A non thriving soul affects the eco system of the human life.
When your soul does not prosper, it affects everything you do.

Friends, your emotions affect your decision making.
How are your emotions?
Are you feeding your emotions properly?
Are you doing things to make your emotions thrive?

It is imperative you ask yourself these questions regularly.

I pray the Lord will grant you quick understanding in Jesus name.

Remember, you are not a biological accident, but a creature of destiny.
– Pastor Solomon Aroboto.