Divine provision your choice to enjoy

May 27

3 John 1:2 – Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

The Bible declares that there is no partiality with God. What He wants to do for one He also wants to do for another. There’s no favourite child of God – He loves us all equally. However, we each need to tap into His resources. Poverty makes slaves of people and weaklings of Christians. Poverty is in many spheres, so also is prosperity. They include poverty of the spirit, poverty of soul, poverty of the body and material poverty.

I want to show you how you can become prosperous won’t need to attach to people for the sake of money or things, but because you have something to offer them. Be informed, the borrower is the servant of the lender. I will be focusing on God’s financial provision for His children.

Some years ago I discovered from a book that age, class or creed is no barrier to financial provision. God divine provision is also for you, even you! I discovered that you don’t need to wait another day to take the keys to your financial privileges. This dawned on me and changed my life. I pray that today the same light will shine on you, in the name of Jesus! Poverty is not an act of God and it’s not supposed to be part of your life. It’s the devil’s scheme to destroy God’s plan for you.

Beloved I’d like to announce to you that no child of God remain poor. God takes no pleasure in your poverty, but in your prosperity. Psalm 35:27 says ‘let them shout for joy and be glad, who favor my righteous cause; And let them say continually, “Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.” He takes pleasure in your prosperity. You need to personalize it to actualize it. One of the things that please God is your prosperity. In the same vein your poverty will displease God. Poverty will always exist in the world but it does not have to be in your life. Your being poor gives God concern. Your consistent prosperity gives Him pleasure. What hurts you hurts God.

When you’re broke or sick it hurts God. Poverty is not a circumstance or a situation but a curse. A curse is a supernatural endowment not to prosper, hindering a person from making headway in life. Watch out! There’s more to it when you’re trying your best but nothing seems to be working. Some others are not doing as much as you and are prospering.


For further study:

Psalm 23:1, Psalm 1

Personal Declaration for the day

I choose to enjoy God’s divine provision for me in Jesus name.

Questions for you to reflect on:

What is your choice to prosper or be poor?

What is the reason for your choice?