Monday – 12th December 2011
Reading – Psalm 119:105
Topic- Light and Lamp
Comment- God’s word

Tuesday- 13th December 2011
Reading- Hebrews 4:12
Topic – The capacity of God’s word
Comment- Full of life, full of power and fully effective

Wednesday- 14th December 2011
Reading – Proverbs 4:20
Topic- Give attention to God
Comment- God is in the detail

Thursday- 15th December 2011
Reading – James 2:26
Topic- Behaviour
Comment – A function of belief

Friday- 16th December 2011
Reading – John 13:17
Topic – Doing God’s word
Comment- Attracts divine rewards

Saturday- 17th December 2011
Reading – 2Timothy 2:15
Topic- Study
Comment- it’s a requirement for you to be informed

Sunday- 18th December 2011
Reading- Joshua 1:8
Topic – Be consistent with God’s word
Comment- You will get results

Monday – 19th December 2011
Reading – Psalm 119:105
Topic- A lamp and a light
Comment- God’s word guide you for both short and long term

Tuesday- 20th December 2011
Reading- John 1:1-4
Topic – God and His Word
Comment- They are one

Wednesday- 21st December 2011
Reading – John 15:7
Topic- Your level of Word
Comment-Determines your level of dominion

Thursday- 22nd December 2011
Reading – Isaiah 55:11
Topic- God’s word
Comment –God’s Messenger

Friday- 23rd December 2011
Reading – Psalm 107:20
Topic – A sure result of the Word
Comment- Total Victory

Saturday- 24th December 2011
Reading – Hebrews 4:12
Topic- The properties of the Word
Comment- God’s word is a multiple tool

Sunday- 25th December 2011
Reading- Matthew 1:18-24
Topic – Jesus came to save us
Comment-You are the reason for the season

Monday- 26th December 2011
Reading- Jeremiah 15:16
Topic – The discovery of the Word
Comment-Guarantees joy