Thanksgiving is “the act of giving thanks”. It means maintaining an attitude of gratitude towards God every day, and is a master key to see the fullness of God manifested in our lives.

Hebrew 13v15 says we should “consistently and at all times offer up to God a sacrifice of praise which is the fruit of lips that thankfully acknowledge and confess and glorify His name”.

This scripture talks about a “sacrifice” of praise. This simply means that it might be hard for us to give thanks to God at various times. The word makes it clear, however, that we must give thanks continually whether we feel like it or not.

Thanksgiving must be cultivated. To cultivate means “to improve by labour, to refine “This means that thanksgiving doesn’t happen automatically; we are going to have to work it. We must practise giving thanks all the time not just in church but also at home, at work, and even when we are stuck in traffic! Wherever we are, we are to offer spoken words of thanks to help cultivate a spirit and atmosphere of thanksgiving. This continual praise will position us to experience fullness in our lives. Fullness means “nothing needed, nothing wanted”. We must thank God in everything. Not for everything but in everything. Thank Him when you are sick, and when you are well. Thank Him when your old car breaks down, and when you get a new one. Because you know things will get better.

Stay on the path of thanks giving and Jesus the revealer and mediator will show you how to get where you are called to be. Your thanksgiving pleases God more than anything else you do. Therefore, make the decision today to maintain an attitude of gratitude everyday of your life.


For further study:

Psalm 69:30-31

Personal declaration for the day:

Thank heavenly father because things will get better for me.

Questions for you to reflect on:

Is your praise transmitter on?