1 Corinthians 15:9 – for a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.


With any vision, there will be opposition. We need to be aware of this. There will always be opposition to the fulfilling of the vision of God. It will come from people who are not saved, and it will come from people who are saved. It will come from those who are jealous, and it will come from those who do not understand. It will come; that is why we need to know the vision is born of God. Human nature is such that we tend to “persecute the living saints, and glorify the dead ones!” Pursue the vision with a straight course, otherwise you will find that opposition and persecution will discourage you – and if you get discouraged, the vision will die. That must not be allowed to happen. We must get beyond the stage where we are easily offended and put-off because of what other people say when we know that we are fulfilling the vision of God. God will test us as we seek to fulfil His vision, make no mistake about that. But I tell you – God gets the glory out of the end result. Halleluiah!

All around us, there are people who are hurting. There are people who are defeated. There are people who are discouraged, sad, lonely and/or depressed. There are people who are “living a lie”; and they will continue to live like that until we demonstrate to them a better way. That takes vision! When others come into your presence they should feel your love, acceptance, strength and security. If they are lost in sin they should feel that, somehow, you have got the answer to their problems – all because of the vision of JESUS that burns within your spirit.

It was the heavenly vision in the heart of Paul that motivated him to press on beyond all the odds, caused him to overcome the opposition, and to fulfil the will of God for his life. The result was that not only were other individuals established, but new churches were planted and established because God found a man who was obedient to His heavenly vision. Limitless numbers of Christians have been impacted over the centuries because of Paul’s commitment to the vision and purpose of God for his life.  What will it be for our life?


Nowhere in all this does it tell us we have got to go off for years and “study the vision.” Nowhere does it tell us that we have to have anything else but simple obedience. God wants us to obey! God wants us to be living in such a way that if He speaks and says, “I want you to go or to do such and such a thing,” we would be able to respond with, “Yes, Lord, I will.” There is no substitute for the will of God! None whatsoever. God wants us to fulfil the vision!

In summary: How to fulfil a vision

  • Be assured that the vision you carry is of God.
  • Immediately set about to fulfil it.
  • Know that it is for the furtherance of the Gospel.
  • Cut off all the ties that are going to prevent you from fulfilling that vision.
  • Set a “straight course” and don’t be dissuaded. Commit to the vision.
  • Continue to pray and uphold it before God, so that God can keep it alive in your own heart   and life.
  • Continue to witness. Any vision of God should make us want to witness more (an “alive” vision gives us plenty to talk about).
  • Rest assured that God will touch other hearts as you fulfil the vision.
  • Know that there will be opposition -Don’t expect to get through your Christian life without being “attacked “or “insulted.”
  • The vision should finally bring glory to God.
  • Is this the kind of vision you are a part of, or seeking to fulfil?


For further study:

Luke 6:26

Personal declaration for the day:

I will follow due process to receive and fulfil God’s vision for my life.

Questions for you to reflect on:

What new things have you learnt about vision?

How do you intend to apply them?