A Parent’s Prayer over their Children

God’s mercy hovers over my child. The covenant I have with God in the blood of Jesus extends to my children (and grandchildren)–covering them completely. Everything God gives to me, He will give to my children; including peace and protection. I lay hold of God’s plans and promises for my children by faith, and I call those things of change to come to pass in their lives.
I believe God for my child’s deliverance and salvation. I put all of my trust in the Lord concerning my children (and grandchildren) and am filled with joy because I know they are turning to the Lord. No matter how far away my child seems to be, there is no place where God cannot reach them. I am not moved by what I see, but by what the Word says. I believe that Christ will capture their hearts, and they will follow and obey Him. In Jesus name.


Bible References: –
Psalm 103:7
Romans 4:17
Zechariah 10:7-9
Proverbs 22:6
Philippians 3:12